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NABARD Consultancy Services have already contracted over 1124 consultancy assignments in a very short span. Planning Commission, various Ministries of Government of India and various State Governments, have directly awarded a number of consultancy assignments to Nabcons in views of its experience and credibility.

It leverages on the core competence of NABARD in the areas of rural development, especially multidisciplinary projects, banking, institutional development, infrastructure, training etc., internalized over two decades. The 'consultants' for execution of assignments are drawn from the vast pool of experienced and highly qualified professionals available with NABARD.

NABARD Consultancy Services has at its disposal from NABARD, a dynamic human resource stock of over 5000 people, spread all over the country, which includes about 2500 officers constituting:

  • Technical experts
  • Financial analysts
  • Economists and
  • Other specialists/professionals.

These specialists are posted in different Regional offices of NABARD at the state capitals and are working in close coordination with all related agencies such as State Governments, Research institutions, Agriculture/ Horticulture universities, financial institutions, boards, Central Government agencies, NGOs, growers associations, individuals, etc. who are directly or indirectly related to the development of various sectors. Therefore, these specialists are not only fully aware of the ground realities under various agro-climatic conditions but also have hands on experience. The services of these experts are also invited by various agencies including Government agencies particularly in planning process; project working including hi-tech projects, their implementation, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

In addition, Nabcons also maintain penal of acclaimed specialists/ experts whose services can also be invited depending upon the assignment.

NABARD prepares Potential Linked Credit Plans (PLPs) for all the districts of the country, on annual basis, covering various sectors has helped it to develop unique expertise, database over a period of time.

Hence NABARD Consultancy Services would be able to use all such data for identifying gaps in respect of each sector and suggest customized solutions for its clients.

Appraisal and Sanction of Hi-tech projects:

While performing the financing role to the banking sector, NABARD follows a comprehensive appraisal system which includes interactions with all the concerned and field visits to the project sites, followed by a systematic/ scientific analysis on all aspects such as technical, financial, commercial, managerial, marketing, bankability, etc. This provides special insight and prudence in evaluating the subjective aspects of projects particularly under diverse conditions.

Conduct of studies

NABARD, over the past twenty years, has conducted large number of studies and published it for wider use. These mainly relate to projects of farm sector, non-farm sector and rural development, financed by internal and external funding agencies.

  • Monitoring studies
  • Mid term evaluation studies
  • Ex-post evaluation studies
  • Pre- sanction studies/ appraisal studies
  • Sector specific studies
  • Area specific studies
  • Potential related studies
  • Dist. Monitoring studies
  • Programme specific studies

Accomplishments of NABARD Consultancy Services:

Just in a short period, NABARD Consultancy Services has made an impressive progress in both domestic and international assignments. Out of 1124  assignments contracted,  1043  numbers have been fully executed and others are at different stages of completion. In terms of financial achievements, a total business of around Rs. 93.81 crore has been contracted since inception.


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